Be happy is an eclectic music label founded with the intent of releasing "feel good" genre-bending music from new and aspiring artists. Genre's that fit this category are usually, but not limited to, Future Bass, Trapstep, Chill Trap, and "Happy" Trap. We also accept some Pop and Hip hop as well.
Have a song you think is Be happy quality? If it's ready for us to hear send an email to demo@behappyrecords.com.
If you are interested in joining the team, Be happy is always looking for hungry young music producers, creative artists, business professions, and interns as well. If you're interested in the music industry and want to genuinely make the world a better place, Be happy is the place for you! Don't hesitate to contact us.
"Be happy" is exactly what it seems. A reminder to enjoy life, smile more, and genuinely just to.... Be happy! The name "Be happy" originates from an observation of popular media: that negativity sells. We plan to prove the opposite. That you can become anything (or anyone) you want through positivity and hard work. We firmly believe in this & will always stand by it.
We're accepting Hip Hop, Dance Music (EDM), Pop, and anything in between. We also release genre-bending music. We really love genres like Chill Trap, Happy Trap, Glitch Hop, and Trap-step. Our standard of quality is simple. We only release "feel good" music, so don't be bound by genre when sending us songs. If it gives you positive feelings when you listen to it, and we'll definitely consider it for release. If nothing else someone will listen & offer you minimal feedback if you wish to have some direction. If an artists send us original music, as a label, it's responsibility to listen to everything we receive.
You can apply to join our team in many different ways. 1) Apply for Sponsorships 2) Join our Creator Collective 3) Submit a demo to our Record label We also have a management division, The Smile MGMT Agency.